February 17, 2017

Problem-solving, rebuilding processes, design all feel like breathing for me. So it’s no wonder the air at Global Polymer Industries, Inc. teems with innovation, hums with inspiration. It was a choice we made from the start.

Very early on — more than 20 years ago — Global Polymer focused on the production of specialty items. The handful of companies out there who can direct compression mold compete for certain products in the market. But here at Global, we weren’t looking to do the same things others were doing.

Your products are only as good as your process. We knew we could further our technology and expand our abilities. It was time to set ourselves apart. So we went looking for challenges. And we found them.

Many of our customers had projects they were unable to get other companies to bid — parts that were “no quoted” by our competition. Others said they either couldn’t do it because of the geometry of the part, the tolerance, or a combination of both.

Embracing the challenges others turned down stoked our inventive fires. The evolution began. We brought our tooling in-house and established an outside-the-box approach molding. It wasn’t quick — or easy. Our long-term growth and continual focus has been to develop a project over two to three years when other companies believed it couldn’t be done that way. Our tooling prowess advanced our methods.

Today, we embed metals and create products of UHMW that nobody even knows can be done. We can do things better than high-end, exotic, high cost plastics — and outperform them.

We still welcome challenges. And we stand ready to solve them. One project at a time.
– Todd Huntimer, Global Polymer president and problem solver