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In our state-of-the-art 75,000-square-foot facility, we have the capacity, advanced proprietary processes, tooling and expertise to fulfill the most demanding national and international orders. If you have a head-scratching hurdle to overcome, toss it our way. We’ll work to find an answer. We control the entire process from initial concept to mold development to final deliverable product. We’ll work with your composites engineers, managers and buyers to solve your stubborn problems. Whether you’re in Kansas or Katmandu. California or China, we’ll draw on our Midwest work ethic to get it done. On time. On spec. On budget.

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I have a tendency to invent processes and products. I have an artistic, inventive and mechanical background – it just fits me. Problem-solving, rebuilding processes, design all feel like breathing for me.

Very early on – more than 20 years ago – we focused on specialty items. The market has products that the three or four companies who can direct compression mold compete for. What we wanted to do was separate from these and not make these kind of commodity products where everybody bids on the same part.

So our goal was to identify challenges of our customers and help solve these problems. It all started with a lot of parts that were “no quoted” by our competition. They said they either couldn’t do it because of the geometry of the part, the tolerance or a combination of both. We evolved from that.

Once we were able to bring our tooling in-house, we developed what I’d call an outside-the-box thinking as compared to the conventional molding techniques. We are able to embed metals and create difficult molding projects. These are long-term development projects. Initially, we did commodity products and competed with everyone else and were very competitive in that. Our startup was we could mold multiple parts and faster cycle times than our competition. Our growth and long-term focus has been to develop over two to three years a project that no one else typically or believed it could be done that way. We used our tooling prowess to advance that.

We can embed metals and create products of UHMW that nobody even knows can be done. We can do things better than these high-end, exotic, high cost plastics – and outperform them.

TODD HUNTIMER, President and problem solver

Global Polymer - Problem Solver- Todd Huntimer
We can do things better than high-end, exotic, high cost plastics - and outperform them."


When an engineer comes up with an idea – a part that needs to be made out of UHMW – then they go find someone who can make the part for them. When they find us, we are able to do all those things in-house for them, and that’s why they choose us. We offer everything from tooling design, expertise. molding, maintenance of the tools. We’re an all-encompassing company for that product. The quality of UHMW-PE – that material is an unbelievable material compared with other plastics. When they want to make complex shapes, they come find us. That’s something we take on as a challenge and perform for our customers.

We make something from nothing. We can take dust and turn it into a plastic part. The engineer has an idea. We take the dust “resin” of UHMW and mold into a complex shape for them.

Everyone is so hardworking. From our team to our customers, everybody has one goal. We can pull together and get the job done. From purchasing agent to engineer throughout Global Polymer – six months later customer has their order. It’s very rewarding.

JEFF HIEB, Plant Manager

Global Polymer - Dirt to Molded Plastic - Jeff Hieb
We can take dust and turn it into a plastic part. The engineer has an idea. We take the dust "resin" of UHMW and mold into a complex shape for them."

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