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Our success is built upon solving customers’ thorny problems with innovation and a raw material, UHMW-PE, that isn’t easy to work with. We achieve that success by valuing creativity, gaining knowledge and pulling together as a team to devise solutions and get the job done. We’re proud to pull off what competitors can’t.

creating a 3d modeling for a uhmw-pe part


Envisioning how to turn a customer’s rough sketch into a durable, needed part made of UHMW-PE isn’t simple. It requires thinking like a mirror to make complex compression molds. Determining how to embed metal within the plastic adds to the complexity. And then there’s the biggest challenge: speeding up the inherently slowing molding UHMW-PE requires, something we accomplish with proprietary and increasingly automated processes. Doing all those things takes creativity and experience. Our team has both.


If a team member has a question about a task or their role, they just have to ask. If they have a suggestion for improving a product or how it’s produced, we listen. Many of our team members, leadership or otherwise, have performed multiple jobs at the company and advanced. We strongly believe in promoting from within when we can, and it pays off in a depth of knowledge and a commitment to the customer and the company.

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Our competitive advantage is creativity. That’s the way we beat our competitors when the problem is complex.

Engineering R&D Manager
employees working on different uhmw-pe parts


If there’s a big production deadline or a fellow employee is sick, our team members jump in to fill the gap. If they don’t already know how, we’ll train them to run a machine, complete the job and meet a customer’s needs. It’s a philosophy that’s contagious, because a production worker who sees a top manager come running to help will do the same. And if it’s snowing outside – that happens in South Dakota – they’ll help push co-workers’ cars out of the lot so they can safely make it home.

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