creating uhmw-pe wires


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is a thermoplastic, meaning it’s formed through heating. Unlike some other thermoplastics – PVC, for example – produced from a liquid form, UHMW-PE material is shaped from a powder state through a combination of high compression and high heat in a mold. Because of their molecular structure, UHMW-PE plastics are flexible but retain their shape and melt only under extremely high temperatures.

employee inspecting a uhmw part

UHMW-PE Advantages

  • Lightweight compared to steel
  • Is low friction
  • Resists impact
  • Tolerates extreme temperatures
  • Resists most chemicals
  • Doesn’t soak up water
  • Self-lubricates


Many competitors craft only simple parts from UHMW-PE because they lack the know-how to mold complex shapes. Through experience and a proprietary molding process, Global Polymer developed the ability to create complicated, 3D shapes. And to overcome another perceived drawback of UHMW-PE material – lack of stiffness – we’ve learned to embed steel core and spring steel, giving parts rigidity or flexibility depending on the need.

global polymer employee working on 3D modeling for uhmw-pe parts

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