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Two major drawbacks have prevented UHMW from much broader application. It’s difficult to mold into complex parts, and it lacks stiffness over longer spans. We took on those challenges. And mastered them. Our proprietary molding process produces the most complex shapes with repeatable precision. We’ve also learned to embed steel core to create parts that have all the advantages of UHMW, plus exceptional strength and durability. Or spring steel to create flexible parts with high shape memory.

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Popular, powerful applications


  • Bearings
  • Wear plates
  • Chain guides

Water and Sewage

  • Marine
  • Food and drug
  • Industrial

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  • Conveyors and material handling
  • Hitches
  • Caps and fittings

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Industries we serve


UHMW-PE is being used for hundreds of applications in mining, construction, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, just to name a few. These industrial plants have the need for impact toughness, corrosion resistance, and biological inertness. UHMW-PE is used as scrapers, bushings, gears, conveyor rollers and more.


UHMW-PE will make your agriculture machinery last longer, run more efficiently, and will reduce operating and maintenance costs.


UHMW-PE is used for a variety of parts for recreation vehicles such as snowmobile skis, bogey wheels, drive sprockets, idler arms and rollers.

Food and Drug

Tobacco, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging machines use UHMW-PE parts which operate clean without contamination, lubricants, rust or corrosion. UHMW-PE parts slide easily without staining or sticking. Drive parts outwear those made of stainless steel and cost less. Cleaning with steam or strong detergents cause no harm to UHMW-PE parts. With FDA clearance and USDA acceptance for food contact, UHMW-PE parts are safe and sanitary.


Because UHMW-PE is non-marking, non-abrasive and virtually an unbreakable material, dock and boatlift manufacturers use UHMW-PE for bumpers, fenders, rub rails, etc.


Truck suspension manufacturers use UHMW-PE parts for wear plates, shims, bearings, etc. Railroad cars use UHMW-PE for wear plates, shims and coupler carriers.

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We'll mold your idea into a solid solution.

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Application Examples:

Auger Bearings

Cable Guides

Conveyer Worm Screws

Hanger Bearings



Crowner Discharge

Mixer Paddles

Bearing Blocks

Cam Followers

Cutting Surfaces

Picker Parts

Bearing Seals

Cam Guides

Feed Screws


Bearing Shields

Chain Covers

Feeder Arm Tips

Rack and Pinions


Chain Guides

Flat chain wear plates

Rotating Seals & Bearings

Belt Guide Rollers

Chain Wear Plates

Flow Guides

Shaker Table Surfaces

Belt Idlers


Gears & Sprockets


Blower Fins

Conveyor Belt Wipers

Guide Assemblies

Sliding Bearings

Bogey Wheels

Conveyor Flights

Guides Plates and Rails

Star Wheels

Bumper Blocks

Conveyor Rollers

Guide Rollers

Telescope Rod Bearings


Chain-Tensioning Blocks

Glue Sealer Surfaces

Snowmobile Skis