Global Polymer’s proprietary process all begins with an idea. Your idea. We’ll accept the file of a detailed design. Or, show us a simple sketch depicting a hand-drawn image of an idea for a product. Either way, our team initiates production of a 3D design to map a strategy to bring the concept to production. We’ll determine whether to move forward with a previous production model or to innovate a new tool to create something from scratch.


From the 3-dimensional design on screen, a mirror image of the model is developed to determine the mold necessary to produce the part. We employ hard-earned experience and expertise to establish a strategy to machine the metal and create the mold. No efforts are wasted – our team of experts zero in on the design to avoid additional or secondary machining of the part. It’s just another way Global Polymer expedites the production process.


We discovered long ago our compression molding creates superior parts with unique properties. Which means few tool builders are acclimated to the nuances of direct compression molding. So, we brought the tooling process in-house. This allows us to not only expedite the process, but it eliminates the typical challenges that arise when working with an outside firm. It’s also provided our own research and development department where we have the luxury of testing new concepts in compression molding. Our process continues to advance.


Again, why have someone else handle a process when you understand your methods better than anyone else out there? Global builds all its own presses for compression molding, which means we’re never limited by the size or scope of a project. Larger projects benefit from the quick response of additional presses that can be produced to secure efficiency. Nearly all Global Polymer’s parts are loaded into machines that have run other products. But if a press needs to be custom built just for a unique part, it can be done. As with other phases of production, Global is committed to continually seek ways to improve consistency, quantity and repeatability of its molding machines.

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